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The Goddard School

Full information about The Goddard School — 240 West Swamp Road, Doylestown, Pennsylvania 18901 Pennsylvania 18901

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240 West Swamp Road,
Doylestown, Pennsylvania

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+1 215-230-9905


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06:45 am — 06:00 pm
06:45 am — 06:00 pm
06:45 am — 06:00 pm
06:45 am — 06:00 pm
06:45 am — 06:00 pm


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    Now that my child has left the school and I am truly able the write an accurate review on this school my opinion clearly has changed tremendously! I came to this school I went agents what I was told by friends, family, and people in the community from the cb school district to continue to search more for a daycare. That this location in particular was not a great place. I hope beings that at the time a family friend had worked there and once my child would reach their room things would be great. I was wrong. Since the beginning I was constantly asking classroom leaders to please send my child home close to the way she was dropped off in. Knowing kids will be kids and play dirt is to be expected but there were two time in particular my child was allowed to literally roll in dirt and play in defrosting snow puddles. My child has asthma and upper respiratory issues! She even though teachers were provided with art smocks would continually send my child home with clothing that after being treated with stain removers needed to be replaced. Also was sent home at times on a weekly basis prior to being potty trained with a diaper that had not even changed and was down between her knees or just put on incorrectly and she was then on rides home peeing all over herself or wet all the way through by the time we reach home. I talked to the assistant director at the time, Mrs Kathy, and even the director Lisa. The assistant director and Mrs Kathy could agree with me more in regards to complaints and concerns. Lisa on the other hand...i saw what everyone warned me about! Rude, condescending, spoke to me as if I was beneath her, and just plain and simple lacked customer service skills. I stuck it out and gave it until my child was moved up to Mrs kathy' s room where I had hoped it would get better and where I wanted her to be since she knew my family. I did not get better and I am just appalled at the treatment my child received and the way the situation was handled. I asked Mrs kathy of please once again could an art smock be placed on my child at art time because I can not keep replacing clothes that are getting ruined. I was told by Mrs kathy that " i have 12 students and sometimes I forget". Unfortunately when caring for others children you can not forget. What of this was a food allergy. Which my child has also. I asked her to just put the smock on her please and left for work. Upon returning to pick up my child that day i found her sweaty, overheated, and red in the face wearing her art smock that is nylon. When ask the assistant teacher what was this she expressed to me that she was given strict orders by Miss Kathy to leave the smock on her all day and to not take it off for any circumstances at all. I grabbed my child's things and we left. I fought back tears leaving. I made it to the front door to leave and there was Lisa. She asked why her smock was on and told her what i was told. She called the assistant teacher out of the room and told Lisa the same. Lisa and I had a frank discussion on this situation. Lisa was upset by it or at least it seemed but the next day between her and Mrs Kathy came up with a lie blaming the classroom assistant teacher. That right there i knew even more Lisa as well as others were out for themselves and not for the children. I spoke also with assistant teacher whom was not at fault. She was extremely mature and sincere about how she she should of just took the smock off. She did not feel right leaving it on but she listened to higher up. Again this situation was it. How does a director of a daycare not know what goes on in her school. She is there on a regular basis so there is no excuse. How are adults going to treat kids like that. And if you have problem talk to me about it. Do not be spiteful and take it out on my child. I am happy my daughter is out of that school and away from the neglectful and careless attitudes and rude behavior of Lisa and some of her staff.
    By Kathleen Bramble, September 06, 2017
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