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    Horrible experience with a realtor here this weekend. They would not get back to me on a time to schedule a showing after promising me they would as soon as we got off our initial phone call. I understand it gets busy but we are adults and I do not have time to sit around while hoping for the professional to reach out to me and this is after several calls and texts to them on my end with no response. The place I was supposed to see got rented but they did not reach out to me to tell me...left me hanging and trying to contact them to schedule a time still. When they finally did a day and a half later it was only through a text. No call just a text filled with excuses. That is so poor and I will let others know of my bad experience with this realty company. It takes two seconds to call and even leave a voice mail to say "hey the place is rented I'm sorry" .. but I got nothing. This is such an unprofessional way to deal with a potential renter.
    By Melody Murphy, March 02, 2018
  • We've really enjoyed having our kids here. They ensure my kindergartener gets to/from groveland for his half day, and then they teach him the rest of the day. The hours are really great, and they rarely close... that is unlike a different facility we had used in the area in the past! For any other working parents that have long commutes and need reliable care, I'd highly recommend. I think the teachers are very nice and accommodating, and my kids really love (and hug) them... which is a nice way for all of us to start the day!
    By Cee Kay, January 30, 2018
  • It's the halfway mark from my 2 mile walk which I make twice a week. In the winter I don't usually stop but in nicer weather I very often break for a cigarette.
    By David Squires, January 19, 2018
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    Worst experience of my entire life dealing with anyone ever!! I have dealt with many real estate agents and being in sales myself meet approximately 90 to 100 people every month. Dealing with Vicki @ better homes and land sales was the worst customer service I have ever experienced. Insanely rude and inappropriate texts all because my partner was 15 minutes late (not to mention Vicki was 5 minutes late herself). At which point I even notified her that my partner was on their way there. Coming from over an hour and a half away to view a property, hitting tons of Road work, and being a little late is understandable. Her lack of manners and incredibly rude demeanor was not. Vicki does not deserve to work with the public!
    By john sell, January 09, 2018

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